NATHANIEL BASSEY – Ebenezer (Live)

NATHANIEL BASSEY – Ebenezer (Live) Mp3 Download

Nathaniel Bassey, a well-known and highly talented Nigerian artist and music composer, has recently released a captivating new song titled “Ebenezer (Live)”. This release is the latest addition to his musical repertoire for the year 2023 and promises to be a significant hit among his fans and music enthusiasts alike.

“Ebenezer (Live)” is not just another track; it is a powerful live performance that captures the essence of heartfelt worship and spiritual depth. This song is part of Nathaniel Bassey’s impressive body of work titled “HALLELUJAH LIVE,” a project that showcases his exceptional skills and dedication to creating inspiring gospel music.

The track features an outstanding collaboration with Victoria Orenze, a fellow gospel artist known for her soul-stirring vocal abilities. Orenze delivers a masterful verse in “Ebenezer (Live),” enhancing the song with her dynamic and emotive delivery. Her contribution is not merely a feature; it is a powerful testament to her artistry that complements Bassey’s vision and adds a profound layer to the already rich composition.

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Listen to “Ebenezer (Live)” and download it today to experience the power of music that resonates with the soul and elevates the spirit. Let Nathaniel Bassey and Victoria Orenze take you on a spiritual journey that promises to leave you inspired and renewed.


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